The assistance centres for victims of crime, known as CAVACs, are there to help you overcome the physical, mental and social consequences of crime.
The professional services they provide are confidential
and free of charge -- feel free to contact them!

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Available position at the Bas-Saint-Laurent CAVAC

Directeur général ou directrice générale


Call for Projects – Grant Program

Applications for financial assistance must be sent to the Bureau d’aide aux victimes d’actes criminels, by May 15 and November 30 of each year.

CAVAC annual reports


The Outaouais CAVAC offers:

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About the BAVAC

The crime victims assistance office, or BAVAC (Bureau d'aide aux victimes d'actes criminels) is affiliated with the Ministère de la Justice and was created by the Act respecting assistance for victims of crime enacted in 1988.

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