Organization of the CAVAC

Information on the Laval CAVAC has been grouped into the following categories:

Board of directors

Composed of nine members from the justice, community and professional sectors, the board of directors administers the CAVAC and provides strategic direction for the centre and support to management and staff.

Team of professionals

The Laval CAVAC multidisciplinary team is criminologists, social workers and others professionnals. The Staff is made up of support workers, a director general, an admisnistrative assistant an a judical technician.

The CAVAC staff's expertise in sociojudicial fields and post-trauma intervention, along with their ongoing professional development training ensures efficient crisis support services.

The Laval CAVAC support workers have an in-depth knowledge of the justice system and can adequately inform crime victims and accompany them in the legal process.


At the end of the 1980s, the consultation committee on conjugal violence backed the creation of the Centre socio-juridique de Laval which offered support and listening services, court accompaniment and assistance to women victims of conjugal violence not staying in shelters.

The Laval crime victims assistance centre developed out of this organization at the end of 1990, opening officially in May 1991. The Laval CAVAC gradually began to assist direct and indirect victims of crime. The centre today offers the same services as it initially did, but to a broader clientele.

The Laval CAVAC has acquired an expertise in post-trauma intervention and court accompaniment. It has set up a wide range of services to better meet its clients' needs and developed proactive methods for reaching out to crime victims.

The CAVAC is an organization that focuses on needs of the clientele and the community. It works in partnership with several community organizations and is a member of several round tables.

Important dates:

Establishment of the CAVAC: 1990
Incorporation of the CAVAC: March 1991
Official opening of the CAVAC: May 1991

Service area

The service area of the Laval CAVAC corresponds to the area served by the Laval courthouse (judicial district of Laval).

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