Fifteen years of community service

Fifteen years ago, a new resource was developed, unique in its approach and interaction, known as the crime victims assistance centre.

True to its mission, the Centre has evolved over the years with solid determination, being constantly available and receptive to the needs expressed by its vulnerable clientele.

Fifteen years... a long road dotted with wonderful memories... and commendable actions.

Celebrating such an anniversary brings to mind the Centre's beginnings, its activities and the objectives it has met, its evolution over the years. Now is the time to feel proud, to appreciate how much has been achieved and the bright future that awaits with new challenges.

The Centre draws its youthful potential from its many partners, whether legal or community resources, health and social services or education groups, as well as from the members of the board of directors and the staff who have made an outstanding contribution since its founding. Because of their cooperation and steady dedication, the Centre has earned its "letters patent" that confirm the nobility of its actions.

Our sincere congratulations and heartfelt thanks go out to each and every one of you.

Solange Dupuis-Lamothe
Member of the Board of Directors
Mauricie CAVAC