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Are you interested in a career at the Centre d’aide aux victimes d’actes criminels de Montréal (CAVAC  - Montreal Crime Victims Assistance Centre)? See this section of our website (in French) for more information about the available positions.

Feedback on the 2017 Victims and Survivors of Crime Week

Feedback on the 2017 Victims and Survivors of Crime Week.
As part of the 2017 Victims and Survivors of Crime Week, the Montreal CAVAC produced a document that provides a feedback on the main activities.

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2016 Victims and Survivors of Crime Week

For the 2016 Victims and Survivors of Crime Week, the Montréal CAVAC has produced 2 video clips based on the Week's theme, "The Power of Our Voices". The clips answer some of the questions commonly asked about victims.

The first video clip illustrates the typical reaction of victims and their family members following a crime. The second emphasises Québec's extensive network of assistance organizations for victims of crime.

For more information, contact us.

We hope you enjoy the clips!

CAVAC de Montréal - Des réactions normales à un événement anormal (In French)

CAVAC de Montréal - Un puissant réseau de ressources (In French)

About the Montréal CAVAC

The Montréal CAVAC, with its quick-response system, meets the specific needs of persons of all ages who are either victims or witnesses of a criminal offence, or someone close to a crime victim, whether or not the perpetrator is identified, apprehended, prosecuted or convicted.

CAVAC services take on different forms: post-trauma and psychojudicial intervention, information on rights and remedies, technical assistance in proceedings and referral to specialized services. The services are free of charge and confidential and are adapted to the client's needs.

CAVAC services are available on a regular basis, Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., in French, English and Spanish.

To make an appointment with a Montréal CAVAC support worker, call the number of the service point nearest you.

  • Montréal Centre
    (Beaubien metro station)
    Telephone: 514 277-9860
  • East End Montréal
    (Cadillac metro station)
    Telephone: 514 645-9333
  • West End Montréal
    (Du Collège metro station)
    Telephone: 514 744-5048
  • Para servicios en español
    Telephone: 514 277-9860, ext. 2235
  • Municipal Court
    775, rue Gosford bureau 1.745
    (Champ-de-Mars metro station)
    Telephone: 514 872-7156
  • Montréal courthouse
    1, rue Notre-Dame Est, bureau 5.10
    (Champ-de-Mars metro station)
    Telephone: 514 393-2083;
  • Youth Division
    410, rue de Bellechasse Est, bureau 1.045
    (Rosemont metro station)
    Telephone: 514 495-5800, ext. 53570.

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