CAVACs offer front-line services that are free of charge and confidential. Their assistance focuses on providing the tools to enable crime victims to regain a sense of control over their lives as quickly as possible.

Should you need any of the assistance services offered by CAVACs, contact the CAVAC nearest you.

You can also call 1 866 LE CAVAC (1 866 532 2822) to locate your nearest CAVAC.

Available assistance includes:

Post-trauma and psychosocial intervention

CAVACs offer post-trauma and psychosocial intervention to assess the needs of victims of crime and their resources, following which an intervention is offered to alleviate the consequences of the victimization and allow the victims to regain control of their lives.

Information on crime victim rights and remedies

CAVACs offer information on the rights crime victims have and the remedies available to them, which encompasses the main stages of the judicial process, the crime victims compensation program, INFOVAC-Plus and any financial assistance measures to which victims may be entitled.

Technical assistance

CAVACs assist crime victims in filling out required forms and to enable them to comply with all the formalities associated with their situation.


CAVACs accompany crime victims through their dealings with medical and community resources, and provide sustained support throughout the judicial process as the case proceeds.

Referrals to specialized services

CAVACs refer victims to specialized services such as the appropriate legal, medical, social and community resources capable of assisting victims as they attempt to deal with the problems they face.